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Police of the Minsk Region - 80!


The 80th anniversary of the Minsk Region police is officially celebrated on Tuesday, June 18. However, the festive events in honor of the anniversary date began on early morning of Friday with laying flowers at the monument to police officers who died in the line of duty, and the police major general, head of the Minsk region police department from 1970 to 1985, Gennady Pukov.

After the solemn ceremony of the office building, the rally started in the direction of the Mound of Glory with the participation of the police retro-technology. A solemn meeting and awarding of specialists of regional internal affairs agencies took place at the foothills of the memorial complex. Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk Region Executive Committee Alexander Kovalchuk addressed the guards of the order of the central region of Belarus: “I congratulate all specialists of the internal affairs agencies and, of course, veterans, on my own behalf, from the officer meeting of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Regional Executive Committee on this anniversary date. I wish you good health, success in work, career growth, growth above yourself - to achieve, to manage, so that work was a joy. ”

Alexander Kovalchuk also noted the areas in which, thanks to the work of law enforcement, the number of unsolved cases is decreasing: “The Dzerzhinsky, Berezinsky and Uzda ROVD worked best during this anniversary year. Therefore, the heads of these divisions and personnel are more serious words of gratitude for their contribution to ensuring the rule of law of the Minsk region, which they contribute with their work. ”

The ceremonial events will end with a festive concert at the Palace of Culture of Railwaymen.

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