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Over 15,000 cars made by Belarusian-Chinese joint venture BelGee so far


SZAO BelGee has made over 15,000 cars since launch, BelTA learned from the company's Acting Director General, First Deputy Industry Minister Gennady Svidersky on 27 May.

The executive said: “We've actually reached the designed output capacity.”

The lineup of products is growing larger. The company is working to penetrate new target markets. At present about half of the output is exported, mainly to Russia. Negotiations are also in progress with partners from Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, and Moldova. “There is an interest in our cars. We are working on diversifying sales,” Gennady Svidersky noted.

The company employs over 1,200 people. In April BelGee made 1,719 cars. The company intends to make 2,000 cars in June. “Since the demand is strong both on the Belarusian market and the Russian one, we are going to start hiring and training workers in June in order to work in two shifts. We are switching to a six-day workweek,” Gennady Svidersky said.

In Q1 2019 BelGee's net profit exceeded Br12 million. Orders for Q3 2019 stand at 3,000 cars per month. “Considering the growth of sales, we should be able to improve our performance indicators,” Gennady Svidersky added.

The average salary is close to Br1,000. The technological level of localization exceeds 50%. A joint venture to make engines, seats, and radiators was opened in 2018. Apart from Belarusian car batteries and tires BelGee intends to use Belarus-made glasses and some interior parts. Starters and generators made by OAO BATE have been tested.

Gennady Svidersky remarked that the manufacturing division keeps in mind the portfolio of orders compiled by dealers on the basis of consumer preferences. While Geely cars were available in black, white, silver, and basalt colors in the past, they are now also available in red, brown, and amber. Natural persons buy most of the cars (up to 75% of the total volume of sales).

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