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Reconstruction of final parts of second Minsk ring road ahead of schedule


The reconstruction of the motorway P80 Sloboda-Papernya proceeds ahead of schedule, BelTA learned from Press Secretary of the State Property Committee of Belarus Yelena Kostyukova.

According to the Belarusian road construction and maintenance company Belavtodor, the work is now 23% ahead of schedule. In particular, the organization of the earth roadbed is over. Over 70% of the structures in places where the motorway will become broader than before have been put in place. One traffic lane has been paved with concrete. All the culverts are now in place. The construction of crossovers and pedestrian underpasses is nearing completion. Work is in progress to reinforce the earth roadbed.

Actions are also taken to protect the environment and the fauna as part of the motorway reconstruction project. In particular, chain-link fences are being erected to prevent wild animals from crossing the motorway. Facilities are being installed to purify meltwater and rainwater. Noise screens are being erected in populated localities near the motorway.

The P80 motorway is part of the second ring road around Minsk. It connects the M2 Minsk – the Minsk National Airport motorway and the M3 Minsk-Vitebsk motorway. The reconstructed road will enable vehicles to travel as fast as 120kmph. The project is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The reconstruction project began in November 2018 and is supposed to be finished by November 2019. The work is estimated to cost Br96 million.

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