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Belaruskali starts building another mine


A commemorative sign in honor of the beginning of construction of the Darasinsky mine was unveiled by Minsk Oblast Governor Anatoly Isachenko, Belaruskali Director General Ivan Golovaty, and Chairman of the Soligorsk District Executive Committee Oleg Poskrobko in Soligorsk District on 21 May, BelTA has learned.

There are plans to drill two shafts at the construction site of the Darasinsky mine. An administrative wing with amenities will be built at the site as well as a fragmenting shop, a warehouse able to store up to 50,000 tonnes of ore, and other facilities. The mine will be able to produce about 8 million tonnes of ore per annum. The figure will rise up to 9 million tonnes later on. The minefield will be located under the territories of Soligorsk District, Lyuban District, and Slutsk District.

Anatoly Isachenko noted that Belaruskali is a hallmark company not only for Soligorsk District, for Minsk Oblast, but entire Belarus. “Belaruskali has managed to do a lot of work. The construction of the Petrikov mining and processing factory began in 2009. Belkali-Migao is being built together with the Chinese corporation Migao. The first products are supposed to be made in autumn. The construction of the Darasinsky mine begins today. The enterprise evolves across the board, contributing heavily to the economy of the region and the country as a whole, offering high-performance jobs,” the official said.

Ivan Golovaty said the company has worked for 60 years already. Some of the available salt reserves have been exhausted. In this period the company extracted over 1.5 billion tonnes of ore and made some 350 million tonnes of potash fertilizers. “It is an open secret that the reserves are being depleted. In 2009 we commissioned the Krasnoslobodsky mine, which provides raw materials for the second mine administration. The Berezovsky mine was built for the first mine administration in 2012. The Darasinsky mine will provide raw materials for the third mine administration and will extend its operational life by at least 50 years. In line with the project description the construction process will take eight years but we cannot afford to wait that long. This is why, I think, we will meet here again in four years for the opening ceremony,” the Belaruskali director general said.

Plans have been made to work with reserves of potash salts at depths varying from 499m to 1km. A potash pay horizon 523m below the surface was unearthed today. The potash salt will be processed by the sylvinite preparation plant of the third mine administration. A line of conveyor belts 7.2km long will be built to deliver ore to the plant.

The new mine will allow creating 840 jobs.

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