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Borisov prepared for the regional «Dazhynki-2019»


The long-term history of the city on the Berezina was replenished with another important event. For the first time Borisov will host the best workers in the village from all over Minsk. The builders did their best to make the capital of the regional "Dazhynak-2019" prettier for the holiday.

Outside of our country, Borisov is associated with the BATE football team and Borisov-Arena.

And here they produced the first Belarusian passenger car, one of the country's oldest dairy plants, whose products under the brand name "Zdravushka" is known in many parts of the world. It is worth coming here to admire the beauty and originality of local nature, to see the Berezina from the bridgehead fortifications, the famous Shukhov Tower, to touch the legends of the ancient city.

Dozens of buildings, roads, sidewalks were repaired. Landscaped streets, the central square, the Palace of Culture. It's nice to walk around the city and enjoy the changes.

Borisov was transformed not only because he was preparing for the holiday of village workers, but also thanks to a comprehensive plan for the accelerated development of the Borisov region.

A lot of work has begun this year and will continue in the future. The implementation of such important projects for Borisov as the reconstruction of Gagarin Street, the construction of a bridge over the Berezina, the construction of an overpass over the railway, the construction of a training ice arena and other no less significant objects is expected.

Work is underway to modernize the health system. One of the significant areas is the organization of the East Territorial Center for Specialized Medical Care.

Soon, residents of Borisov and surrounding areas will be able to receive medical care in the city no worse than in the regional clinical hospital. Medical equipment, special vehicles are being purchased, and premises are being renovated. The new magnetic resonance imaging cabinet operates in dual shift mode.

A multifunctional building with modern equipment was erected in the central district hospital. There is an angiograph and a computer tomograph. Another important and necessary project for the city is a multi-profile children's building, which will be built on the territory of the hospital. The project is ready, communications failed.

A serious reconstruction was needed by the Gorky Palace of Culture, which is the site for most of the cultural events of the district center. It has become modern and comfortable, conditions have been created for people with disabilities. The permanent residence here received a buffet with a youth zone.

Another important object is the Central District Library named after I. Kh. Kolodeeva. Large-scale repairs became a good gift for the 100th anniversary. His library celebrated in 2019. Now it’s light and warm. The hall for exhibition projects has also been updated. The transformed Art Quarter zone is waiting for a new exposition as part of German Week. The library is the socio-cultural center of the city. In recent years, a foreign language literature room, a rare book sector, and a collection of autographs have been created there. A department for gallery and exhibition activities has been formed, which includes the art gallery of the Honored Art Worker of Belarus Valery Shkarubo. There is an art gallery "Z’yava", a museum and exhibition complex "Partners. Friends. Brotherhood.” The library has a memorial exhibition hall of I. Kh. Kolodeev and the history of the war of 1812.

Beautification and repair work affected every school, a sports facility. Facades of buildings were updated, art objects and small architectural forms appeared in the adjacent territories. Another long-awaited event coincided with the holiday - the opening of secondary school No. 25 in a new, rapidly growing microdistrict of the city.

“We are hosting the regional festival-fair of toilers for the first time,” says Gennady Dengalev, Chairman of the Borisov District Executive Committee. - On the one hand, it is very responsible, on the other, it makes it possible to comprehensively approach many problematic issues: to improve the city, increase the tourist potential of the region, and strengthen the position of the agricultural industry. And we made the most of this opportunity. Funds were allocated from the regional budget. Serious assistance was provided by local enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. Residents did not stand aside, concentrating their efforts on the improvement of personal farmsteads. Thus, they also contributed to the formation of the image of the city. We worked in all areas: we were engaged in engineering networks, landscaping yards and roads, overhaul of housing, healthcare facilities, education, culture, housing construction. We worked for the result, as did our farmers, whom we honor today.

We sincerely wish those who have dedicated their lives to the noble and hard peasant labor, good health, prosperity and happiness! We thank them for their dedication to their work, for their invaluable contribution to strengthening the economy of the region, region and our state.


Borisov is a large industrial center of the Minsk region. In terms of population, the district takes the 2nd place in the Minsk region. 180 thousand people live here. The region has significant industrial potential, the basis of which is industry. Successfully developing entrepreneurship, private business.

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