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Regional field camp «Young rescuer» opened in Minsk Oblast


For several days, more than 200 guys aged 11 to 15 years will compete for the title of the best.

Within a few days, 23 teams of firefighters from all districts of Minsk region will face a variety of sporting competitions, creative competitions and serious tests: from tent camp equipment in the style of “Security Fair” to help in extreme situations. In addition, the guys expect an active entertainment program.

The opening ceremony of the field camp, which took place on June 12, was attended by the leadership of the Minsk Regional Emergency Management Department, the main education department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, representatives of local authorities and the media.

Welcoming the young firefighters of the central region, First Deputy Head of the Main Department for Education of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Sofia Petrovna Filistovich wished good luck and recalled that the most important thing was safety.

On the same day, the guys took part in competitions to save people on the water, provide first aid, and eliminate a chemical accident. After such serious tests, schoolchildren were awaiting creative contests.

The field camp “Young rescuer” is an annual bright event that gives unforgettable emotions to all participants and is traditionally aimed at creating a culture of life safety in children and adolescents.

June 14, Friday, will sum up the competition. The teams that won prizes will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. And the winner will represent the Minsk region at the republican competition in July of this year.

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